April 2015


Meeting of the scientific committee for the Employers (Ocupadors) project


A meeting of the scientific committee for the Employers (Ocupadors) project was held on Monday, 16 March, to review the activities undertaken in 2014 and to start discussions on the new issues that will determine the project during 2015.

At the meeting, which was attended by Jaume Garcia (UPF), Ferran Mañé (URV), Pilar Figuera (UB), Santiago Gibert (CEMEX), Oriol Barranco (UAB), together with three experts from AQU Catalunya Queralt Capsada, Anna Prades and Carme Edo, a presentation was made of the draft report, Employers' perceptions of the employability of recent graduates. Main findings of the 2014 employers survey, in which the committee members had the opportunity to make comments and contributions. The approach and objectives of the forthcoming focus groups to be held within the context of the project were also dealt with in the meeting.


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