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July 2011

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  • University and employment in Catalonia. 2011 Survey of graduate labour market outcomes in Catalonia
    Contrary to the idea that the universities produce graduates for non-existent jobs, practically all graduates acquire better-qualified jobs.
    Editorial board - AQU Catalunya
  • The profile of applicants for junior lecturer reports: age
    The age at which junior lecturers obtain a favourable report is being monitored by AQU Catalunya. A study entitled University academic staff in Catalonia: figures on accreditation and recruitment policies (2003-2006), was published in 2008, in which the average age of junior lecturers was 36, although there were differences according to subject area. The youngest age (34) was in Experimental Sciences, whereas the oldest (39) was in the Humanities.
    Esteve Arboix Codina - Head of Teaching Staff Assessment department


  • The virtues and limitations of monitoring reports

    Dr. Salvador Cardús i Ros
    Dean, Faculty of Political Science and Sociology, Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB)

    After all this time, it is difficult to find anybody who openly and radically dares to challenge the need for the assessment of academic work and for systematic and transparent monitoring.




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