October 2017


Open consultation on the methodology for the accreditation of doctoral/PhD programmes

Consulta pública doctorsAQU Catalunya is committed to transparency for its activities. This can be seen, for example, in the publication of all QA review reports and handbooks explaining the QA procedures that it undertakes.The Agency wishes to go one step further in this direction and will hold a public consultation on the accreditation methodology used for doctoral/PhD programmes which will be endorsed shortly. The purpose of the consultation is to produce a final document that is based on maximum consensus with the different stakeholders.

Contributions to this consultation from those with an interest in the quality assurance of higher education are welcome, mainly covering the following groups:

  • Vice-rectors in charge of quality assurance and academic programming and governance
  • QA units
  • Programme coordinators and managers
  • Teaching staff
  • •Students (alumni, current and prospective)
  • Others

The version of the document for consideration refers to the scope of accreditation, i.e the series of aspects on which assessment is based for the purposes of the accreditation of currently authorised doctoral programmes that have come to the end of their period of delivery according to the regulatory framework.

In order to participate in the consultation, please read the accreditation methodology prepared by AQU Catalunya:

PDF Guide to the accreditation of recognised doctoral/PhD programmes (version for public consultation) [ca]

fill out the following document:

WORD Open consultation on the Guide to the accreditation of recognised degree programmes

and send it by e-mail to qualitat@aqu.cat, to the attention of: Open consultation accreditation guide - doctoral/PhD programmes. The deadline for the reception of questionnaires is 31 October 2017.


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