January 2018


Applications for the ex-ante accreditation of recognised programmes remain stable

Since the 2010-2011 academic year, when AQU Catalunya acquired competence over the ex-ante accreditation (validation) and modification of recognised degree programmes at universities in Catalonia, a total number of 1,044 ex-ante accreditations and 796 modifications have been carried out, distributed according to academic years as follows

For the 2017-2018 academic year, an estimated total number of 84 applications from universities are currently anticipated for ex-ante accreditation, a figure that is very similar to that of previous years. The distribution of these applications, according to level (bachelor and master's programmes) and field of knowledge, is as follows:

Estimate 2017-2018 Bachelor Master's Total

Arts and Humanities

7 6 12

Social and Legal Sciences

12 19 31

Experimental Sciences

1 1 2

Health Sciences

5 10 15

Engineering and Architecture

14 9 23
Total 39 45 84


The distribution of applications for ex-ante accreditation according to bachelor and master's programmes since 2010-2011 shows that the great majority of programmes submitted for ex-ante accreditation have been master's programmes, although the trend more recently has been towards a similar number of bachelor and master's programmes. In more recent years, the number of doctoral programmes submitted for ex-ante accreditation has been minimal


Regarding the outcomes of applications for ex-ante accreditation and modification, the percentage of favourable reports has remained very stable in more recent years, with a 90% favourable rate for applications for ex-ante accreditation, and around 100% for modification.

Processing of the current call for applications for ex-ante accreditation is expected to be completed and resolved by May 2018 in time for the university entrance application process, meaning that students can be certain that new programmes of choice have successfully undergone ex-ante accreditation.


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