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Studies on the transition of graduates from higher education to employment

Equity of access and professional recruitment of university graduates
A study by the Education and Employment Research Group (GRET), Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB).

This study consists of four chapters written by different authors:

PDF Chapter 1. Trends in the occupational integration of graduates: from expansion to on-going crisis. Sandra Fachelli and Jordi Planas [Sp]

PDF Chapter 2. The effects of studying and working at the same time on academic results and employment outcomes. Albert Sànchez-Gelabert, Mijail Figueroa and Marina Elias

PDF Chapter 3. The social composition of access to university. Helena Troiano, Dani Torrents and Albert Sànchez-Gelabert

PDF Chapter 4. The transition to university. Helena Troiano and Lidia Daza

Effects of the crisis on graduate employment outcomes
Study by the Statistics, Econometrics and Health Research Group (GRECS), University of Girona, CIBER Epidemiology and Public Health (CIBERESP). Marc Sáez and Maria Antònia Barceló. .

PDF Effects of the crisis on graduate employment outcomes 


These publications were funded by a grant scheme for studies on the transition to employment of graduates, based on the findings of the 2014 survey. For more information, click here.