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Labour market: the perspective of employers

The opinion of employers regarding university education

The goal of this project is to endow the university system with information to enable it to assess whether the range of education programmes offered should be adjusted in order to meet the needs of the labour market. To do this, a survey is conducted to gather the opinions of employers. The study includes the following key questions:

  • To what extent are employers satisfied with the education received by graduates?
  • What factors explain the difficulties companies encounter in recruitment?
  • What skills are lacking?


It was decided to conduct surveys according to sectors since they encompass similar areas of employment and similar skills’ needs. Each survey has associated study programmes for which a report is prepared and a seminar held in order to draw up proposals for the improvement of curriculums:

(UB workshop, 21 November 2018)

Public Administration and Local Entities
(UPF workshop, 18 December 2018)

(URL workshop, 30 January 2019)

(UdG workshop, 27 February 2019) 

Economics and Business
(UB workshop, 17 May 2019)

Humanities (Cultural Services)
(UB workshop, 19 June 2019)

(UAB workshop, 8 November 2019)

(ELISAVA workshop, 19 February 2020)







Production Engineering

Overall results


See the results of the previous survey (2014)




Stages of the project

This second edition of the survey for 2017-2019 incorporates the following stages:


The study complements the three-yearly survey on access to the labour market for graduates of Catalan universities. Consequently, the Catalan university system benefits from two major sources of evidence on the suitability of the education delivered: the perspective of graduates, and the perspective of the companies employing them.



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