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Bachelor and Master's graduate satisfaction survey

What is recent graduate satisfaction?

Surveys on the satisfaction of recent graduates regarding their degree courses have been carried by the universities in Catalonia, in coordination with AQU Catalunya, since 2015 in the case of first degrees, and since 2017 in the case of masters. In 2019, graduates of higher vocational programmes and master's graduates of Arts higher education programmes were included for the first time in the survey.


The survey provides common indicators of graduate satisfaction with the degree course taken, learning outcomes, services and facilities, the personal impact on the student, etc., which are used in the improvement and enhancement of degree programmes.


The satisfaction of graduates from Catalan higher education institutions


Analysis of the results of the survey EUC dades Refer to the findings of the graduate satisfaction survey



Participating institutions

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AQU Catalunya carries out the fieldwork for several of the universities participating in the study.

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Secretary's Office to AQU Catalunya and the Governing Board