Agčncia per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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Cross-sectional reports

AQU Catalunya has begun a series of cross-sectional studies to analyse the status of recognised degree programmes and provide valuable information on higher education and the university system in Catalonia. This is in addition to the findings of the quality assurance procedures that all recognised programmes undergo.

These comparative reports group programmes on an ad hoc basis. Master’s degrees in Teacher Training, first-degree programmes in Engineering in industrial sectors and logistics and first-degree programmes in Nursing have so far been analysed. Although the purpose of these two studies has been to establish a series of conclusions regarding the main strengths and weaknesses of the programmes reviewed and propose enhancement actions aimed mainly at the education and university authorities in Catalonia, the criteria were slightly different for each one.

Industrial engineering and logistic [Spanish]
Executive summary [English]
 Informe transversal_enginyeria

For the report on Engineering Sciences, information for the analysis was used from different sources, including the outcomes of review for programme accreditation, indicators of the system and the findings of the surveys of graduate employment outcomes and the Employers project (perspectives of employers regarding the skills and education level of recent graduates) carried out by AQU Catalunya.

BA/BSC in nursing: improving the training of nurses [Spanish]
Executive summary [English]
 Informe transversal_infermeria

For the report on Nursing, the analysis included the challenges for the future and conclusions pinpointed in the workshop on Ways to improve the training of nurses held at the Autonomous University of Barcelona on 15 February 2017.

Master’s degree programmes in teaching training for compulsory secondary education and upper secondary education (baccalaureate), vocational training and language teaching [Catalan]

The coincidental timing of these reviews made it possible, on the one hand, for a uniform procedure to be applied and for there to be consensus as regards the assessment criteria for the ten reports drawn up by the external review panels and, on the other, for a series of conclusions to be drawn up regarding the main strong and weak points of Master’s courses taught at Catalan universities.