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Training of external experts

In order to be a reviewer (evaluator), one needs a series of skills, and any skill requires expertise. For this very reason, a standard for the "good work" of an external quality assurance agency makes reference to the need for the appropriate briefing and training of experts who participate in review processes, i.e. the need to develop their evaluation expertise.

The limited availability of reviewers, the different levels of experience of reviewers in review processes of the types carried out by AQU Catalunya and the possibility of using ICT means that work that previously called for reviewers to be physically present can now be dealt with feasibly and effectively online.

AQU Catalunya uses a blended training model, with a first part based on distance learning and a second part that is classroom-based, where the training revolves around practical cases based on the reports that are to be evaluated.

A set of training materials for the first part of the training process is given below, which are aimed at rounding off your knowledge of the organisation that you represent as reviewers (AQU Catalunya), the regulatory framework for review and evaluation, basic data on the higher education system in Catalonia and the general framework of evaluation procedures.

The material at each link has been selected bearing in mind the minimum content that a reviewer needs to be aware of. They are therefore essential reading for any reviewer with AQU Catalunya. They also include links for a more in-depth training on the subject for those who so desire.

link AQU Catalunya

link Legal framework

link The higher education system in Catalonia

link Bologna process

link Institutional assessment
link Key concepts
link The AQU model
link Background