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International quality assurance by AQU

Evaluación de la calidad internacional de la educación superior

The publication of the guide to International quality assurance of higher education. A tool for international academic mobility falls within the framework of AQU Catalunya's strategy to promote mobility and academic cooperation at international level.

Accreditation will be granted by AQU Catalunya to higher education institutions (HEI) that can demonstrate academic rigour in accordance with European norms and that, at international level, are reliable and trustworthy as a partner institution for cooperation and academic mobility, in particular with institutions in the university system in Catalonia.

The guidebook sets out the guidelines to be followed by institutions that wish to obtain international accreditation, which include the setting of clear objectives for cooperation and academic mobility, the existence of management and quality assurance mechanisms that are fit for purpose for cooperation and mobility, and a systematic approach to the analysis of the results and outcomes of cooperation and academic mobility. It also sets out review and evaluation criteria, accreditation outcomes, the timetable and publication of the outcomes.

Learning Institution International AccretitationInternational accreditation of the HEI (faculty, school, department) leads to the award of the "Learning Institution INTERNATIONAL ACCREDITATION" quality label of accreditation.

See the guide to the PDF document Guide to the international quality assurance of higher education. A tool for international academic mobility  (October 2016)

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Universidad de San Martín de Porres, Peru (2016)  link Evaluation information
Universidad de Guadalajara, Mexico (2009)  link Evaluation information