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Accreditation of advanced research

The Catalan Universities Act (LUC) of 2003 established a new academic career path based on a contractual system for teaching staff at public universities in Catalonia. The contractual categories of associate professor and full professor are indefinite in nature and are the highest positions in the contractual model of the Catalan Universities Act, within the category of contract doctoral teaching staff under the Spanish Universities Act (LOU), which was amended in 2007 by the LOMLOU 4/2007.

Academic staff recruited in these categories have full teaching and research capacity and, as stipulated in the LUC, can take leave and sabbaticals to promote research and for the purposes of interuniversity cooperation. Their salaries are determined by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia.

Eligibility requirements for applications to the call for the issuance of advanced research accreditation

Candidates must:

  • Have a doctoral/PhD degree.
  • Demonstrate proven research capability with a minimum post-doctoral research career of three years, with the date of the defence of the doctoral thesis being considered the start of the post-doctoral period. Applications from candidates with less than three years experience will not be accepted
  • Have at least three years of teaching and research activity or, preferably, post-doctoral research experience (article 47, Spanish Universities Act).

In order to be eligible for a full professorship, which is the most advanced stage in a candidate's academic career and is awarded an indefinite contract, candidates must be in possession of an accreditation of advanced research issued by AQU Catalunya. 

Decree 404/2006, 24 October, regulates the roles and duties of contract teaching staff recruited by public universities in Catalonia.