Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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Applications and documentation are to be made and sent through the Gencat Procedures website.

You can apply for this evaluation through this link: Apply.

All on-line applications must be signed:

  • If a digital certificate is used for this, it will be automatically validated (all commonly used certificates are accepted by the Gencat Procedures).
  • If a digital certificate is not used, the online application form is to be completed and sent and the acknowledgment of receipt form printed out, signed and sent by normal post to the Agency. Applications will otherwise not be accepted.

An application for the accreditation of advanced research is incompatible with an application for the accreditation of research. In the event of the refusal of accreditation of advanced research, a new application for the accreditation of research may be submitted in the following call for applications, although a new application for the accreditation of advanced research can only be made one full year following the previous call for applications to which an application has been made. 



Next calls

 Second call 2018

22 October to 2 November 2018, both included.


First call 2019

15 April to 26 April 2019, both included.

PDF PDF Resolution EMC/1575/2017, 3 July [ca]

Documento PDF PDF Resolution EMC/1829/2018, 26 July [ca] 

Documento PDF PDF Resolution EMC/1830/2018, 26 July [ca]

Call 2017

Document PDF PDF Resolution EMC/2875/2017, 14 December [ca]

PDF PDF Resolució ECO/1604/2016, 27 June [ca]


Candidates applying for advanced research accreditation must be notified of the success or denial of their applications within a maximum period of six months from the date when the call for applications commenced.

To ensure the confidentiality of all participants, no results are given over the telephone.

link Opening hours of AQU Catalunya and the registry to the public


Once you have submitted the application process and have received acknowledgment with ID processing, you can attach the documentation and make payment of the prescribed fee via My Folder of Gencat Procedures website. All of the documentation must be sent in digital format (it is not necessary to send a printed copy). The documentation must be sent within 5 days of sending the application form: 

  1. Icona WORD Curriculum Vitae. Click on this link to download the form provided, which is to be completed and sent via the Gencat Procedures website. In this link you will find a Guide of best practices for drawing up a AQU Catalunya CV.
  2. Directed doctoral theses certificate. With regard to directed doctoral theses, a certificate issued by the university with the following information must be enclosed: the title of the thesis and date awarded, the name of the doctorate degree holder, the name of the director or directors, and the qualification obtained.
  3. Accepted publications. Publications referred to in the CV form do not need to be submitted. In the case of publications that have been accepted but are pending publication, a copy must be sent on-line together in the same file with the supporting document of acceptance for publication from the publishing house.
  4. Identity card or passport. Only in cases where candidates have not given authorisation to the integrated administrative data base (PICA, Plataforma d'Integració i Col·laboració Administrativa) for on-line data exchange.
  5. Large family concession certificate. Where applicable, the large family concession certificate in cases where candidates have not given authorisation to the integrated administrative PICA data base for on-line data exchange.
  6. PhD Title. Title of PhD/doctorate degree (only for foreign doctorate degrees and cases where candidates have not given authorisation to the integrated administrative PICA data base for on-line data exchange.
  7. Assessment reports (online): Up to three assessment reports of recognized academics standing on the candidate's teaching and research work may be submitted. The candidate may indicate in the Assessment reports section of the application form, email addresses of these three academics who will be asked to issue a confidential assessment report about the candidate's academic career. These people will receive in a few days an e-mail from which they will be able to write and send the assessment report. 


Applicants must make the corresponding payment within a period of 5 days.


Step 1: Apply

1. Download the application form
2. Complete, validate and save
3. Send for processing

Step 2: Make the corresponding payment and submit the documentation

Step 3: Chech the status of a procedure

Step 4: Receive the answer from the Administration


  • You will find more information about the Gencat Procedures system in How To Process On-Line.
  • NOTE: In case you leave some section incomplete (without documentation), the following message will appear: “Currently this procedure has still pending requirements”. You can ignore this message in case you have attached the required documents.