Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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Criteria, procedure and results

Assessment procedure

PDF document PDF Procedure for the issuance of reports for tenure-track lecturers, the accreditation of research and the accreditation of advanced research 


Assessment body

link Research Assessment Comission 



2nd call 2018:PDF document PDF Criteria for the issue of tenure-track lecturer reports New!

1st call 2018: PDF document PDF Criteria for the issue of tenure-track lecturer reports


Cases of fraud

PDF document PDF Protocol for action in the event of cases of fraud in teaching staff assessment processes 



An appeal resulting from disagreement with the result of the resolution can be submitted to the Appeal Commission up to one month from the date of receipt of the postal notification or publication of the edict in the Official Journal of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia (DOGC). The maximum period for the appeal to be resolved is three months from the time of submission.

Appeals must be sent in the form of a signed hard copy (on paper) either by postal mail or delivered in person to the headquarters of AQU Catalunya or through a corresponding official government records office (registre general de l'Administració).

Enllaç extern Example 1

Enllaç extern Example 2



Excel Excel Results for tenure-track lecturer 2003-2016 [ca]

PDF PDF Satisfaction survey results for applicants and assessors (2015 calls) [ca]

Applications for tenure-track lecturer reports

Applications for tenure-track lecturer reports, according to field of knowledge (2012-2016)