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Teacher certification

It is the responsibility of the universities to establish which contracts are for teaching posts and which ones are not in their calls for applications. Teacher certification thereby becomes a requirement if the university so requires.

Teaching activity certification/appraisal is aimed at the teaching staff that have the accreditation of research and/or advanced research issued by AQU Catalunya according to Resolution UNI/1239/2004, of 26 April, and civil servant and non-civil servant academic and research staff at public universities in Catalonia according to Resolution UNI/3130/2005, of 28 October.



A way of submitting applications to official registers, established under Law 30/1992, of 26 November, on the Legal Procedural System for Public Administration and Common Administrative Procedure (Official State Bulletin, 27 November 1992). Applications and documentation may be submitted via a post office. The post office official must give an official stamp to the two copies with the post office and date. One copy is retained by the applicant (receipt) and the other, together with the remaining documentation, is sent to AQU Catalunya by registered mail. The deadlines for submission at a post office are the same as those for the call for applications.

Notification of the results of applications for teaching activity certification and/or appraisal is made within a maximum period of six months from the time when an application is made. If no express notification is made within this time period, either certification is automatically granted or a favourable appraisal report issued.

Written applications must be sent to the chairperson of the AQU Specific Committee for Teaching and Management Activity.

Applicants will find themselves in one of the following states:

1. Academic staff at a Catalan university with an AQU Catalunya-accredited Teaching Assessment Manual (UB, UAB, UPC, UPF, UdG, UdL, URV) and a favourable report signed by the vice-chancellor in charge of academic staff

Those interested must request a favourable teaching activity appraisal report from the university where they are working. This favourable report must be signed by the vice-chancellor in charge of academic staff. This must be sent by the applicant, together with the application and corresponding documentation, to AQU Catalunya in order for positive certification to be issued. The favourable appraisal report/s of the candidate's teaching activity must be enclosed with the application in accordance with the assessment protocol (issued by the corresponding university or institution) and is to include at least:

  • Details of the applicant's teaching experience and merits subject to assessment
  • The period of time assessed
  • Express reference to the procedure and criteria used for assessment

2. Other situations

Those interested must request a favourable teaching activity appraisal report in accordance with the AQU Catalunya protocol from the university where they are working. Applications must also include:

  • A certified photocopy of the favourable appraisal report issued by an agency or institution other than AQU Catalunya, in accordance with the AQU Catalunya protocol
  • A curriculum vitae in accordance with the AQU Catalunya model.

Specific mention must be made in applications where, for reasons considered to be acceptable by the Specific Committee for Teaching and Management Activity, a favourable teaching activities appraisal report cannot be presented. Applications must include a curriculum vitae in accordance with the AQU Catalunya model.


IconaWORD DOC Application

IconaWORD DOC Teaching activity cv

Appraisal protocols, to be filled in by the vice-chancellor in charge of academic staff:




There is no fee for the issue of teaching activity certifications and appraisal reports.

Criteria, procedure and results

Assessment bodies

link Specific Committee for Teaching and Management Activity


  • Whether proof of the information provided by the applicant being assessed has been submitted, which should include an overall review of the aspects of his/her teaching activity (self-report)
  • Teaching experience, with an appraisal of first, second and third cycle university teaching, involvement in compulsory courses and the diversity of courses taught
  • Performance as a teacher and fulfilment of duties associated with teaching
  • Quality of teaching planning, relative to the design and adaptability of the teaching plan, together with the resources and teaching materials used
  • Quality of development and performance as a member of university teaching staff, including training to be a teacher, involvement in competitive award innovation projects for teaching and transition European Area duties
  • Satisfactory results of teaching activity
  • Level of student and graduate satisfaction
  • Involvement in promoting and assessing teaching quality
  • External recognition of teaching quality.


Frequent asked questions

Is there a minimum period of teaching activity required in order to apply for certification/assessment?

Three years of experience in teaching is the minimum in order to comply. Nevertheless, CEMAI (Merits and Individual Activities Assessment Committee) requests information for the past five years.

What is the situation of a member of the teaching staff at an ancillary centre of a university with an AQU Catalunya-certified teaching assessment manual?

This would depend on the relationship between the ancillary centre and the university which it is attached to. If the university has an AQU Catalunya-certified teaching assessment manual and it offically informs AQU Catalunya that this is applied in its ancilliary centres, case 1 (member of the teaching staff at a Catalan university with an AQU Catalunya-certified teaching assessment manual) would be applicable. If this is not the case, the other corresponding conditions apply.

How is recognized the teaching activity taught in a foreign university?

In accordance with the resolution UNI/3130/2005, of 28 October, that regulates the issue of the teaching activity certification, the same as in the case of the universities that do not have certified by AQU Catalunya the teaching assessment handbook, foreign universities will have to issue a report of evaluation of the teaching activity of the applicant attending point 9 of this resolution.

Exceptionally, when the applicant can not bring the favourable report of teaching activity evaluation for reasons justified to CEMAI criterion, he/she will have to specify this circumstance to the request and to bring a curriculum in accordance with the model published in the web site of AQU Catalunya.

If a member of teaching staff has belonged to more than one university, can teaching activity reports be presented for each university where he/she has taught at?

Yes; request the information covering the last five years from the corresponding vice-chancellor/s for academic staff.