Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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Merits in teaching

PDF PDF Resolution EMC/3080/2018 [ca], dated 21 December making public the procedures and assessment method for individual merits in teaching and management for civil servant and non-civil servant teaching and research staff in public universities in Catalonia, up to 31 December 2018, for the allocation of relevant salary increments.

Assessment and results

In order to assess the teaching activity of teaching and research staff, Catalan public universities shall apply their current AQU-certified teaching assessment manuals.

Universities must submit assessment reports on the teaching activities of teaching and research staff to AQU Catalunya until 21 July 2017 according to the report model for the assessment of merits in teaching.

Excel XLS Report model

Document PDF PDF Instructions for processing reports containing outcomes of the assessment carried out by universities



The Specific Committee for Teaching and Management Activity certifies the teaching assessment reports of teaching and research staff issued by the university. The reports must give details of the assessment models used.