Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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Fees and regulated public-sector charges

The corresponding payment for fees and/or regulated public-sector charges must be made within ten days.

Instructions for payment are given on the Generalitat de Catalunya's on-line applications webpage. Payment is possible either by proof of payment or with credit card. Payment by bank transfer is not possible.

The rates given below include 21% VAT/IVA (valid from 20 March 2015 onwards).

Evaluation General amount Large family (general category) and single parent family Large family (special category)
Tenure-track lecturer reports 64.19 € 44.95 € 32.13 €
Research and advanced research accreditations 101.64 € 71.15 € 50.82 €
Assessment of merits in research of civil servant and non-civil servant academic and research staff at public universities 63.53 € 44.47 € 31.76 €
Assessment of merits in research of teaching staff at private universities 101.64 € 71.15 € 50.82 €
Regulated public-sector charges**
Evaluation of research by contract academic and research staff. Under agreement with universities and affiliated institutions 96.80 € 67.76 € 48.40 €
Evaluation of research by contract academic and research staff. Under agreement with public universities and affiliated institutions 60.50 € 42.35 € 30.25 €
Recognition of research by temporary assistant professors 60.50 € 42.35 € 30.25 €
Training visit to AQU Catalunya by quality assurance agencies and organisations in higher education 121.00 €    


There is no fee for recognition of CNEAI positive evaluations.

There is no fee for the issue of teaching activity certifications.


* The abovementioned charges are regulated according to article 27.1 Executive Order 3/2008, 25 June, which endorsed the amended wording of the Fees and Regulated Public-Sector Charges Act (Generalitat de Catalunya).

** The abovementioned regulated public-sector charges are regulated by Order ECO/9/2015, 12 January, regarding the authorisation of regulated public-sector charges for activities and services provided by the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya).