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Legal notice

AQU Catalunya (NIF Q0801199A) is a public agency run by the Autonomous Government of Catalonia and is subject to private law, in accordance with the Catalan Universities Law (LUC) 1/2003, 19 February.

The aim of this legal notice is to establish the principles and conditions for accessing and using the AQU Catalunya website and its contents.

Access and use of the contents

AQU Catalunya places at the disposal of users the contents and services that are located on its website, subject to the present conditions of access and use. These conditions may be updated periodically and may be consulted by users at all times.

All references to AQU Catalunya in this legal notice or on the website that provides access to this notice shall be deemed to be made in such a way that it may be considered an active or passive subject of the relations that are generated with users or from the uses that are made of the services and elements of the website.

The contents offered on the AQU Catalunya website are prepared and managed by AQU Catalunya, with the exception of information originating from sources external to the website itself, whereby the origin, medium or any other information concerning the origin shall be stated.

In such cases, AQU Catalunya shall not be responsible for inaccuracies or the non-updating of information from external sources, as it is solely responsible for content originating from its own sources which are duly linked to copyright.

The user undertakes to utilise the services and information provided by AQU Catalunya in good faith and, in all cases, respecting generally accepted principles of use and without infringing public order or current legislation. In particular, and without limitation, the mass sending of unsolicited mail or spamming, any form of violating the rights of third parties, introducing computer viruses, defective files or programmes that may damage the website and the use of this website for commercial or advertising purposes in an inappropriate manner given its inherent purpose is strictly prohibited.

Furthermore, any use of the contents on the part of users for criminal or illicit purposes, wherever applicable, with an intent to prejudice, impede, harm or overload in any way the use and normal operation of the website or third parties in a direct or indirect manner, whatever the result, is strictly prohibited. It is also prohibited to use the website and its contents for the purposes of political propaganda or for expressing ideas, attitudes or actions that are xenophobic, racist, or discriminate against race, gender, belief, religion and which are generally contrary or offensive to human rights. In all cases, the expressing of personal ideas and opinions by users must satisfy the criteria of respect and dignity towards others, without any statements or insinuations that are offensive, insulting or contemptuous.

The user may not reproduce, distribute, transmit, adapt, modify or alter any of the contents or other elements of the website, unless prior express authorisation has been granted to the user by AQU Catalunya.

Any link that is made with the contents of the website shall require the prior consent of AQU Catalunya and must provide, by means of an appropriate visualisation, the identification of its origin. The use of this information in other Internet locations shall require express authorisation.

It should be borne in mind that the legally valid version of any announcements and principal administrative acts provided is the one published in the Official Journal of the Autonomous Government of Catalonia or, wherever applicable, in the official bulletins of other public administrations.

Protection of personal data

AQU Catalunya is the rightful owner of any files with personal data collected online and managed by the organisation.

Personal data supplied by means of the forms contained on the AQU Catalunya website shall be included on its files in accordance with the purpose for which they have been provided.

AQU Catalunya guarantees the privacy of online services in accordance with legal requirements and informs users of its personal data protection policy so that users may freely and voluntarily provide AQU Catalunya with their details via an online form in order to subscribe to the services offered by AQU Catalunya on its website.

The user consents to the treatment of personal data expressed by AQU Catalunya within the terms of the current treatment of personal data policy.

AQU Catalunya guarantees the confidentiality of data provided by users and its treatment in accordance with current legislation on the protection of personal data (Constitutional Law 15/1999, of 13 December, for the protection of personal data, Royal Decree 1720/2007, of 21 December, which approves the Regulation of the development of the law, in addition to all legislation applicable to this issue).

AQU Catalunya has adopted the legally required security levels for protecting personal data, and has installed all the technical means and measures available to it in order to prevent any loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorised access or theft of any personal data provided. Notwithstanding the above, users should bear in mind that security measures on the Internet are not totally infallible.

The personal data that users are asked to provide consist of data that requires identification which is of a general nature and strictly necessary for the provision of services. Said data will be the object of the treatment included on the corresponding AQU Catalunya files, which will provide users with the technical resources so they may access this notice on the treatment of personal data policy or any other relevant information before providing their personal data, and give their consent for AQU Catalunya to proceed with the treatment of their personal details. With the exception of fields that state otherwise, the responses to questions on personal details are voluntary.

AQU Catalunya shall inform users in writing of the assignment of their personal data to third parties, indicating the identity of said assignees and the purpose for which the personal details have been assigned. Consequently, when users register for any of the website services managed by AQU Catalunya, they will be asked to give their consent for the website to assign their personal data to AQU Catalunya.

AQU Catalunya shall not assign the personal data of users that has been collected via third party websites without the written consent of the user, in such a way that AQU Catalunya shall offer the user the opportunity to accept said assignment or otherwise.

Notwithstanding the above, for any clarification on this issue, users may contact AQU Catalunya via the e-mail address or the postal address at AQU Catalunya, C. dels Vergós, 36-42, 08017 Barcelona.

Users consent that the information on their personal details shall be used whenever required by the relevant Administrative Authorities or by court order.

The collection and treatment of personal data, as a consequence of navigating the pages of the website, or consulting or requesting any of the services offered by AQU Catalunya, in addition to providing users with a personalised service on the AQU Catalunya website, aims to manage, administer, provide, extend and improve the services to which users have decided to subscribe, register or use, and to adapt said services to the needs of users.

Another aim of the collection and treatment of personal data is the qualitative and quantitative study of the utilisation of services by users, the design of new services related to AQU Catalunya’s own services and their updates, and issuing information on the services offered by AQU Catalunya by traditional or electronic means.

Under no circumstances shall AQU Catalunya use the personal data of users for aims other than those expressed above, except where prior notice is given on the website.

Users have and may exercise their rights to access, cancel, rectify and oppose the treatment, use and assignment of their details by sending a notification to the e-mail address or the postal address at AQU Catalunya, C. dels Vergós, 36-42, 08017 Barcelona, or by another means admitted in law.

Furthermore, users may exercise their right to remain informed of the purposes for which they have authorised the use of their details and of any assignments of their data undertaken by AQU Catalunya in favour of third parties that need to know the personal details of users in order to be able to provide a service in an efficient manner, either through the present legal notice or, wherever applicable, through the corresponding notices to users on the part of AQU Catalunya.

AQU Catalunya extends this personal data protection policy to the provision of its principal and ancillary services.

Data protection officer

The data protection officer is responsible for ensuring that AQU Catalunya complies correctly with current data protection regulations. To contact, please either send an e-mail to, write to c. dels Vergós, 36-42, 08017 Barcelona, or telephone 93 268 89 50.


AQU Catalunya shall not be responsible for damages of any nature that may arise from the access to contents, information, opinions, concepts or images provided by users or third parties that contravene the Law, morality, good faith or public order, or which infringe intellectual or industrial copyright, or contain computer errors, defects or viruses or similar software routines.

AQU Catalunya has no knowledge of any contents stored on its website that contravene the Law, morality, good faith or public order, or which infringe intellectual or industrial copyright, or contain computer errors, defects or viruses or similar software routines.

As soon as AQU Catalunya becomes aware of the illegality of any of the contents, opinions or concepts stored on its website, or any element that contains computer viruses or similar software routines, it shall proceed to remove it within a period of not more than 24 hours, with exception to causes of force majeure.

AQU Catalunya shall be exonerated from any responsibilities arising from damages of any kind arising from the capture and use on the part of third parties of information and opinions provided by users on the website it manages.

Under no circumstances shall AQU Catalunya assume responsibility for contents and information contained on websites other than the ones it manages.

Exemption to the responsibility for contents stored on websites accessible from the AQU Catalunya website
AQU Catalunya shall not be responsible for any information, opinions and concepts that are issued, published or distributed through its website, or any other website that is interconnected or accessed through the website by means of links or any linked or related services on said interconnected website.

AQU Catalunya shall not be responsible for the improper use of the contents of its website, this being the sole responsibility of the person accessing and using the website.

Exemption to the responsibility for the operation of the website
AQU Catalunya shall provide its services and contents in a continuous manner using all the technical media at its disposal in order to undertake said provision in a satisfactory manner.

AQU Catalunya shall, whenever it considers this appropriate, correct, improve or modify the information contained on its website, services or channels without this giving rise to any right whatsoever to any claim or compensation, or the requirement to acknowledge any responsibility.

AQU Catalunya shall not be responsible for damages of any nature that may arise from the technical availability or continuity of the operation of its website. At all times, AQU Catalunya shall undertake the necessary action to re-establish its services in the event of technical problems.

AQU Catalunya shall not be responsible for damages of any nature that may arise from the knowledge that unauthorised third parties may possess the details of users or of the use they make of such details on the website.

Copyright contents

The texts (information, concepts, opinions or similar) and graphic elements (design, font codes or similar) that form part of the AQU Catalunya website and are published through it, in addition to its presentation and assembly, are exclusively owned by AQU Catalunya and their authors and are classified as protected works in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 1/1996, of 12 April, which approves the Revised Text of the Copyright Act, and similarly benefit from the application of signed international treaties in this field.

Notwithstanding the above, users may reproduce the contents of the website for the sole purposes of storage, making back-up copies or printing on paper for strictly private use.

Apart from this, any total or partial reproduction, distribution, transformation or presentation of the contents of the AQU Catalunya website or any of its elements, whether directly or indirectly, via telematic networks or analogue formats for any use other than those mentioned above, even where the source is quoted, is strictly prohibited without the express and written authorisation of AQU Catalunya.

Infringement of said uses shall give rise to the corresponding legal action against the user on the part of AQU Catalunya.

Specifically, the following activities are similarly prohibited without the express authorisation of AQU Catalunya in writing:

- The presentation of any page of the website in a window by means of "framing" that does not belong to AQU Catalunya.
- The insertion of any image published on the website on a page that does not belong to AQU Catalunya by means of "online linking".
- Any extraction of elements of the website that damages AQU Catalunya in accordance with the provisions of the Intellectual Copyright Act.

AQU Catalunya must expressly authorise the creation of hypertext links (hyperlinks) in other websites directed at the homepage of AQU Catalunya whenever the corresponding pages appear in a complete window, doing so under its respective instructions and with the previously agreed consent of AQU Catalunya.

All rights not expressly granted to the user are deemed to be reserved in favour of AQU Catalunya.

All distinctive symbols, logos and distinctive symbols in general of any kind that appear on the AQU Catalunya website or refer to it are owned by it and are protected by currently applicable legislation.