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Public consultation on accreditation methodology

AQU Catalunya is commited to transparency in its works. This is reflected for example in the way we publish all our review reports, and the handbooks that explain the review process. The Agency wishes to go one step further in this direction and opens a public consultation process on the accreditation methodology that has to be adopted soon.

Why is AQ consulting?

In order to get the maximum consensus with the stakeholders bedore aproving the final document.

Who should respond?

Contributions to this consultation from anyone with an interest in the quality assurance of higher education delivered by universities and colleges are welcome, such as:

  • academic quality vice-rectors
  • technical quality units
  • prospective, current and past students, and their representatives
  • academic and professional support staff
  • employers and their representative bodies
  • professional, statutory and regulatory bodies
  • providers' representative bodies.

What is the scope of the consultation?

All aspects and elements that should be taken into account when accrediting programmes and awards that have completed the period of planned development in the regulatory framework.

How should interested people respond? 

Read the methodology guideline for the accreditation:

PDF PDF Guidebook to the accreditation of recognised Bachelor and Master's degrees (draft) [ca]

fill in the survey:

WORD DOC Consultation on the Guidebook to the accreditation of recognised Bachelor and Master's degrees [ca]

and send it by email to

What is the deadline for responses? 

The consultation will close on 21 June 2013.

Please send all enquiries to