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Institutional accreditation of higher education institutions

AQU Catalunya has been helping universities in Catalonia to design internal quality assurance systems (IQAs) for use by faculties through the AUDIT programme since 2007. The implementation of this programme was reviewed in 2014 and the Agency subsequently began to issue IQAs certifications.

Pursuant to Royal Decree 420/2015, a requirement for institutional accreditation is that faculties must renew the accreditation of 50% of their study programmes and obtain certification for IQAs implementation. This legislation is implemented by a Resolution of the Spanish Ministry for Education, Culture and Sport on the procedure for the institutional accreditation of faculties in both public and private universities.

Institutional accreditation will provide for the accreditation of all recognised HE programmes (provision) delivered in a faculty for a period of five years, which is renewable.


In order to apply for institutional accreditation, faculties in public and private universities must submit an application in which the person representing the university either states or certifies that the following requirements are met:

  • A statement that the faculty has renewed the initial accreditation of at least half of all of the recognised bachelor's degrees and at least half of all of the recognised master's degrees it delivers, in accordance with article 27.b of Royal Decree 1393/2007, 29 October, governing the regulation of recognised higher education study programmes and awards in Spain.
  • Certification that the bachelor's and master's degrees offered by the faculty and registered with the Spanish Register for Higher Education (RUCT) are being effectively delivered.
  • A statement that the faculty has undergone a favourable review within the framework of the AUDIT programme and that it is in possession of an IQAs implementation certificate for the faculty applying for institutional accreditation.

Applications and the assessment procedure

Applications can be made at any time. Universities can submit an application for each faculty, school or institute that wishes to obtain institutional accreditation, using the following form which is to be sent to the official register:

WORD Document (application form) [Catalan]

AQU's Institutional and Programme Review Commission (CAIP) issues a binding report for the Spanish Council of Universities (Consejo de Universidades).

Quality label

When a faculty is granted institutional accreditation, AQU Catalunya issues a quality label. Please see the conditions for the use of quality labels.



The renewal of a faculty's accreditation, or institutional reaccreditation, must take place within five years of its initial or most recent accreditation granted by the Spanish Council of Universities (Consejo de Universidades).