Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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Reference documents

The development of AUDIT programme is based on the following documents:

  • Guide to the certification of IQAS implementation (2016)  
    PDF 1405kB
    This Guide pursues the following objectives: to establish the pre-conditions for requesting certification of IQAS implementation; to provide the units with detailed information on the certification process so that they can direct their actions accordingly and reinforce those aspects they consider most significant in the implementation of their IQAS; to ensure that the people responsible for implementing IQAS and the members of external review panels (CAE-IQAS, from the Catalan) work from the same basic criteria.
  • Diagnosis tools (2007) [es]  
    PDF PDF 651kB
    Document that provides university faculties with a tool to start the first stage in the process of defining and implementing an internal quality system.