Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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The ENQA's ESG and the current procedure for designing and implementing university degrees, following the last Royal Decree 1393/2007 concerning the structuring of recognised university degree programmes, modified by Royal Decree 861/2010, lay down that universities must ensure their actions comply with the intended outcomes of the degree programmes that they offer. Universities must therefore have policies and internal systems to assure the quality of their activities (IQAS). ANECA, ACSUG and AQU Catalunya jointly implement the AUDIT programme, the objectives of which are as follows:

  • To promote the development and implementation of internal quality assurance systems in education in universities and other higher education institutions through the integration of all the activities associated with the quality assurance of degree programmes that have already been undertaken and by ensuring that an internal quality assurance system is used for programme monitoring.
  • To implement a programme that leads to the recognition of the design of internal quality assurance systems through the evaluation of their adequacy and the subsequent certification of those that have been implemented.

The AUDIT programme is depeveloped in three stages: guiding the design of the IQAS, assessing the IQAS and certifying the implementation of the IQAS.