Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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Evaluation and results

The AUDIT programme is aimed at any institution and/or university in the Catalan university system. Just as in the previous call for applications, universities can submit either specific models for systems of internal quality assurance (IQAS) designed for and adapted to the characteristics and specific nature of the institution, or general IQAS models for the university as a whole.

The broader option is meant for faculties, schools and departments (units) wishing to broadly implement IQAS positively assessed in previous calls across the unit as a whole. The method implies a commitment on the part of the rector’s management team regarding the versatility and ability of the model to be adapted to the diverse context across different faculties, schools and/or departments in the institution, and also the commitment of the unit’s management team regarding the suitability of the general model for the unit and its alignment with the guidelines established in the AUDIT programme.

The review option is aimed at faculties, schools, departments and/or institutions submitting IQAS models which have not been previously assessed or which have not obtained a positive assessment in previous calls, or that partially adopt an IQAS that has been positively assessed in a previous call.

Application call Participants Experts
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2010 PDF PDF Institutions PDF PDF Review panel
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2007 PDF PDF Institutions PDF PDF Review panel

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