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Start of the second survey of graduate employability according to employers

32,000 companies and firms in Catalonia are being invited by AQU Catalunya to express their opinions on the employability and skills of recent graduates.

The Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya), together with more than thirty organisations, is promoting the second survey of employers' perceptions of graduate employability. The purpose of the survey is to identify the skills requirements of graduates according to enterprises (understood within the context of the survey to mean companies and institutions as employers) located in Catalonia for the purposes of designing enhancement measures for course programmes in higher education.

The survey has been adapted to cover sixteen economic sectors to obtain more precise information on each sector, together with the qualifications required in each.

Employers are asked to provide information on the characteristics of their business concern; the skills that graduates need to improve; potential difficulties in hiring staff with a graduate profile; the company's training policy; and the existing relationship between the company and the higher education institutions.

The aim of the project is to align universities with the requirements of the labour market so as to facilitate the transition between higher education and employment and enhance graduate employability.


Consult here the results of the first survey.



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