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Conclusions and proposals for improving university-level education in the fields of Economics and Business


From left to right, Anna Prades, Martí Casadesús and Wendy Carlin during the symposium.

A round table-workshop titled The future for economics and business education, was held at the University of Barcelona’s Faculty of Economics and Business Studies on 17 May, as part of the Employers project.

The round table-workshop saw the presentation of the results and findings of the employers survey for the Economics and Business sector, in which they were asked about the skills and the education received by the recently graduated individuals they have recruited.

We counted on the participation of Wendy Carlin, who is Professor of Economics at University College London and researcher at the Centre for Economic Policy Research (CEPR). Carlin gave a key note speech on the challenges of the 21st century and the future for economics and business education.

The most remarkable conclusions and proposals for the improvement and enhancement of university education have been detailed in the document Conclusions and proposals for improvement from the seminar “Challenges in university education in the field of Economics and Business”. .

Below, we detail the proposals for improvement gathered during the seminar:

  • Promotion of pedagogical renewal
  • Improvement of skills training
  • Continued work on both hard skills and soft skills
  • Promotion of ICTs in the classroom
  • Greater company involvement in training
  • Incentivising training in companies
  • Ensuring the quality of training placements
  • Strengthening of Bachelor’s degree final-year projects