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AQU's technical committee for surveys endorses the inclusion in the 2020 survey of graduate employment outcomes of the reasons why a student would not take the same degree or study at the same university again

A meeting of AQU Catalunya's Technical Committee for Surveys was held at the Agency's headquarters on 1st April.

As of the meeting, the student cohorts that will be covered by the 2020 graduate employment outcomes survey will be as follows:


The committee endorsed certain modifications to next year's edition of the survey of graduate employment outcomes. The questionnaires have been tidied up and are briefer, with the most important change being the introduction of a series of questions on the reasons why graduates would not choose to take the same degree or study at the same university again.

Martí Casadesús, director of the Agency, also informed the meeting about the current state of the 2018 and 2019 satisfaction surveys of recent graduates from universities and affiliated schools and institutes in Catalonia.