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The gender perspective in teaching: workshop and a timeline for implementation


Article 28, section 1a) of Act 17/2015 on effective equality between men and women states that “applications for the accreditation of first degree and master's programmes must include a report with details of the inclusion of the gender perspective either in the course of studies or in enhancement proposals to ensure that this is made possible.”

As a result of this legislative development, momentum is now gathering among universities in Catalonia concerning the gender perspective in teaching. One good example of this is the round table-workshop organised today in the Sala de Graus at the Pompeu Fabra University's Ciutadella Campus.

Within the context of this round table-workshop, Martí Casadesús, director of the Agency, and Eva Benito, project manager, took part in a discussion on the promotion of the gender perspective in the university system in Catalonia, together with Ignasi Casadesús, from the Vives Network of Universities and Montserrat Solé, from the Directorate General for Universities and member of the CIC's Commission for Women and Science.

AQU Catalunya has underlined the importance of indicators in the evaluation of the gender perspective in teaching, as proposed in the General framework for incorporating the gender perspective in higher education teaching [ca].

The document is for use by higher education institutions as a troubleshooting guide and to for the use of indicators to evaluate the inclusion of the gender perspective in first degree and master's programmes. The timeline for the implementation of evaluation, which was agreed together with the universities, is as follows:

  • Ex-ante accreditation: new reports from 1 January 2020 onwards
  • Modification: applications submitted in February/March 2020
  • Accreditation: self-report on visits 2021

Aimed mainly at the bodies and facilities in charge of the planning, management and quality assurance of teaching in universities and other higher education institutions, the document will be of interest to the university community as a whole, including administrative and service staff, teaching and research staff and students.