Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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AQU's Governing Board endorses the draft of the action plan, the budget and the site visits for 2020

The ninth meeting of the Agency's Governing Board was held on 16 July in the University of Barcelona's Sala de Juntes (the university's historical assembly hall).

The president of AQU Catalunya and the Agency's director and chair of the institutional and programme review committee (CAIP) reported on the latest developments at the Agency, and Dr. Lluís Torner, chair of the Research Assessment Committee (CAR), presented his committee's annual report.

The Governing Board also endorsed the following documentation:

  • The draft of the Agency's action plan and budget for 2020
  • Planning for 2020 of the site visits to faculties/schools where recognised degrees are delivered
  • Agreement on the criteria for the open and competitive process for the designation of the director of AQU Catalunya

At the meeting, agreements entered into and signed by the Agency between May and July 2019 were also ratified.

Enllaç extern Link at the documents approved by AQU Catalunya's Governing Board.