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ENQA seminar on Internal QA-systems and the ESG

On April 14-15, AQU Catalunya hosted the ENQA seminar on internal QA-systems and the ESG. Intended for agencies with operational internal quality assurance systems, and for agencies that have already started to implement such a system, its purpose was threefold:

  • to learn more about strengths and weaknesses of the IQA-systems implemented in different agencies (ISO, EFQM, combination of both, etc.),
  • to clarify what the European standard on accountability procedures means for the IQA of quality assurance agencies,
  • to reflect on possible improvements to the standard of accountability procedures so that they are increasingly in line with the day-to-day QA practises at the agency level.

In the seminar's plenary sessions and parallel workshops, the persons responsible for IQA in the various agencies were able to give their impressions of the everyday use of IQA in the agencies.


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