September 2008

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Confidence in the activities of AQU Catalunya

Antoni Serra Ramoneda - President of AQU Catalunya*

Firstly, I would like to mention a recent piece of news that, in my view, is of great significance for AQU Catalunya, and that is its imminent listing on the European Quality Assurance Register. This is an objective we have strived continuously to achieve since AQU Catalunya was first established more than eleven years ago. We have been committed to maintaining a good international reputation and to adopting all the good practices that are considered vital for efficient action. The effects of this European recognition are relevant, as the news item in the bulletin explains in detail, but particularly because they come at a time when AQU Catalunya’s involvement in the assessment of new qualifications needed for adaptation to the European Higher Education Area is being discussed. I would like to thank everyone who has made it possible to achieve this goal and place us at the highest European level within the sphere of university quality assessment.

The most important subject of this bulletin is, however, the results of the third study on the entrance of graduates from Catalan universities to the labour market. According to information gathered by AQU Catalunya, knowing how university education meets society’s demands is one of the key concerns for our institutions’ university councils. For the third time, we have carried out a survey on more than twenty-thousand graduates and the response rate has been high. We have, therefore, a fairly clear description of the phenomenon in question and its evolution over the last few years. In the bulletin we present the most noteworthy conclusions, but the wealth of information at our disposal is available to anyone who may be interested in studying the scope of some of the many problems our university graduates face as regards work and professional careers. At a time of transition, as the present, any research on the subject is valuable for defining the new model.

* Former President


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