January 2009

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Third European Quality Assurance Forum

Following the success of the last two European Quality Assurance Fora (respectively, at the Technical University of Munich and the University La Sapienza in Rome), the third Forum was hosted by the Corvinus University Budapest, 20-22 November. This Forum was co-organised by the E4 group: ENQA, EUA, EURASHE and ESU. The specific objectives of the Third Forum have been:

  • To gain an understanding of how higher education institutions and QA agencies are responding to new forms of accountability.
  • To analyse whether these new forms of accountability have the desired impact on quality levels and to examine their unintended consequences.

AQU Catalunya has presented the following experiences:

PDF How to Assess an E-Learning Institution: Methodology Design and Implementation

PDF The AUDIT programme: an Initiative to Promote Internal Quality Assurance Systems in Higher Education Institutions

PDF A Proposal for a Performance Indicator Model for the Spanish Higher Education System


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