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November 2010

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Being aware and attentive

In the editorial that I wrote a year ago from now, I expressed my interest in bringing the Agency's activities more in line with the needs of Catalan universities, given that an external review body like AQU Catalunya, while being independent of the Administration and the universities, must also be fully aware of the situation in the system of higher education in which it operates.

At the beginning of this year, the "Research assessment in the Humanities and Social Sciences" workshop was one example of the closer relationship between the Agency and the Catalan scientific and academic community. Attracting more than three hundred people, the workshop served as a forum for constructive dialogue between the participants.



  • Support Programme, searching for good practices for Europe
    At present, European universities should be implementing reforms enabling them to become centres for knowledge management and, moreover, allowing them to act as the driving force for this knowledge to encourage greater levels of mobility and employment integration among their graduates.
    Esther Adot Giménez - Project manager of AQU Catalunya
  • International activity by AQU Catalunya
    The establishment of the EHEA represents a highly important step in the synchronisation of state policies to eliminate internal borders within the European Union. This political strategy is not exclusive to Europe, with similar initiatives being observed in other continents, and there is every indication of a willingness to overcome the negative effects of national-scale regulations, with the new socio-economic environment calling clearly for implementation on an international, if not a global, basis.
    Josep Grifoll Saurí - Head of Quality Assessment department


  • The ENQA celebrates its 10th anniversary

    Achim Hopbach
    President of ENQA

    When ministers responsible for higher education in the Bologna signatory countries met in Budapest and Vienna in March this year and officially launched the European Higher Education Area (EHEA), this was without doubt a remarkable milestone in the history of higher education in wider Europe. For quality assurance agencies, 2010 is not only an important year because of the launch of the EHEA, it also marks the 10th anniversary of the European Association for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ENQA).




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