March 2013

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Training of technical staff at QA agencies in South-East Asia

AQU Catalunya, together with the German QA agencies FIBAA and ASIIN, is giving quality assurance training to technical staff at QA agencies in South-East Asia. This forms part of the ENQA programme DIES ASEAN-QA, Joint capacity building project in Southeast Asia, the objective of which is to assure and enhance the quality of study programmes and to facilitate the recognition of credits and degrees based on shared quality assurance principles and standards.

The preparatory stage will come to a close at the end of March, and the experimental review of twenty-three (23) programmes at twenty-one (21) universities in nine countries in South-East Asia will begin from April onwards.

 Formació de tècnics a Kuala Lumpur

Staff training has been going on in Kuala Lumpur.


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