April 2015


CeQuInt: Assessing the Quality of Internationalisation

Assessing the Quality of Internationalisation

The conference "Assessing the Quality of Internationalisation" is being held on 26 and 27 February in Paris, an event which will bring to a close the activities of the ECA's CeQuInt project. AQU Catalunya has participated in this project in the design stage for the methodology for assessing the quality of internationalisation and in the coordination of the pilot review procedure at the Pompeu Fabra University's Faculty of Economics and Business Sciences.

The focus of the conference will be on quality in the internationalisation of higher education, with the following key issues regarding this subject:

  • What does quality in internationalisation mean?
  • How can a programme or an institution self-assess internationalisation?
  • In what ways are programmes different from institutions as regards internationalisation?
  • What kind of evidence is available to institutions and programmes to demonstrate quality in internationalisation to experts and peers?
  • What good practices do we know from self-assessments of internationalisation already undertaken of study programmes and by institutions?

During the conference, and to bring the CeQuInt to a close, internationalisation certificates will be presented to the universities that participated in the pilot assessments. For more information on the conference (programme and registration), see: http://ecahe.eu/home/services/events/assessing-the-quality-of-internationalisation/  

For any other inquiries, please contact Carme Edo, who is responsible for the CeQuInt project at AQU Catalunya: cedo@aqu.cat


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