April 2017


TeSLA Project: training of experts


AQU Catalunya hosted this Monday and Tuesday (30-31 January, 2017) the training of experts that will participate in the Head panel and in the 3 regular panels in the evaluation of the second pilot of the TeSLA project. The tasks of these panels are as follows:

a. Head panel

  • Validation of the features of the selected courses and assessment activities.
  • Preparation of the working plan for the second pilot (medium test-bed pilot) and third pilot (large scale pilot).
  • Improvement of the assessment methodology.
  • Validation and approval of the reports coming from regular panels.
  • Elaboration of the metaevaluation report in each pilot.
  • Draw the final conclusions of the TeSLA model.

b. Regular panels

  • Validation of the features of the selected courses and assessment activities.
  • Assessment of the pilot taking into account the developed fit-for-purpose methodology and standards and elaboration of the assessment report.
  • Validation of the use and the functionalities of the authentication/authorship technologies.
  • Elaboration of a proposal for improvement of the assessment methodology.

The training was carried out by AQU Catalunya, ENQA, EQANIE and UOC (project managers) and it was addressed to international experts in different fields (academics, students, professionals and QAA/QAU staff). In the training the following points were discussed:

  • Description and contextualization of the TeSLA project.
  • Methodology and evaluation process.
  • Description of the authentication/authorship instruments.

The project is currently in its second year of development and second pilots are starting this February 2017.



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