April 2017


Article by AQU Catalunya’s president and director in La Vanguardia’s “Aula” supplement


The AQU Catalunya president and its director have co-authored an op-ed piece entitled “The quality of degree programmes and employment outcomes at your fingertips”, published on 25 March in La Vanguardia’s “Aula” supplement on the occasion of the 2017 Education Exhibition.

Josep Joan Moreso and Martí Casadesús conclude that pursuing a university education constitutes “an investment for the future” as revealed by the results of the Employment Outcomes survey coordinated by AQU Catalunya.

They also recall that the website University Study Programmes in Catalonia (EUC) is an excellent tool in offering pre-university students guidance when it comes to choosing their degree programme. The EUC website hosts information on the quality of university Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. The data sheets on each degree programme provide a range of information including the results of the assessment procedure conducted by AQU Catalunya and a link to the assessment reports issued by the Agency, as well as pertinent indicators relating to admission and enrolment, achievement and drop-out, and employment outcomes of graduates.


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