Agència per a la Qualitat del Sistema Universitari de Catalunya

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AQU Catalunya reviews Catalan university degree courses, faculties and schools, services and institutions. Since 2011, the Agency is  implementing the Framework for the validation (ex-ante assessment), monitoring, modification and accreditation of recognised awards, the purpose of which is the life-long quality assurance and continuous enhancement of degree courses

Prior to 2004, the Agency reviewed practically all (335) of the degree courses that were still not Bologna (EHEA) compliant. From 2004 onwards, it carried out the ex-ante assessment of university degrees under the pilot Plan for the adaptation of undergraduate awards according to EHEA guidelines, 2004-2006 (82 Bachelors and 17 Master's programmes), and recognised postgraduate programmes, 2005-2008 (473 Master's). Since 2008, AQU has reviewed all higher education institutions affiliated with Catalan universities that have submitted proposals for Bologna (EHEA) compliant awards, and it has also given impetus to the implementation of internal quality assurance systems in Catalan universities through the AUDIT programme.