September 2012

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AQU Catalunya to review higher studies in the Arts

A collaboration agreement has been signed between the Agency and the Department of Education concerning the validation, monitoring, modification and accreditation of higher studies in the Arts.

Higher studies in Music, Dance, Dramatic Arts, Restoration and Preservation of Cultural Heritage, Design and Visual Arts, which are the responsibility of the Department of Education, have formed part of the European Higher Education Area since the 2010-2011 academic year. This led to a change in the structure of studies in these areas and also the methodologies used, the objective of which focuses on student learning and the acquisition of skills (competences) in a context of lifelong learning. In order for these objectives to be achieved, new elements were introduced to curricula, including autonomy in curriculum design combined with a quality assurance system.

The Department of Education has accordingly mandated AQU Catalunya, the body responsible for the quality assurance of degree courses leading to the award of both recognised and university-specific (non-recognised) awards by universities and other higher education institutions, with the quality assurance of higher studies in the Arts.

The Framework for the validation, monitoring, modification and accreditation of degree programmes is to be used for the review and evaluation of higher studies in these subjects. Ten (10) applications have so far been received for study programmes in the Arts.


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