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AQU organises a training course for students on teaching QA manuals


A training course for students on the teaching quality assurance manuals used for university teaching staff at universities in Catalonia was conducted at AQU Catalunya last Friday. The course was aimed at university students interested in understanding the use and application of the teaching quality assurance manuals used in Catalan universities.

Esteve Arboix, the head of Teaching Staff and Research at AQU Catalunya, and M. Rosa Buxarrais, chair of AQU's teaching assessment and management committee, explained the use and contents of the teaching QA manuals, together with their purpose.

During the course, Arboix and Buxarrais explained that the purpose of the manuals and their evaluation stem from the need to assess the functioning and application of review procedures designed by higher education institutions and set out in their teaching QA manuals.

The course also included a brief introduction to the Agency and the training programme for students, which was given by Martí Casadesús, the Agency's director, and Albert Basart, QA adviser with the Agency's QA section. Jèssica Marquès then explained the role of students in the Agency's review and evaluation procedures and talked about her experience as a student member on an external review panel.

Over the coming months, AQU Catalunya will undertake a review of the implementation of these manuals in the public universities in Catalonia and intends to include students who have been trained to participate as student experts on the review panels.

Click on the following link to view the presentation of Accreditation of the teaching quality assurance manuals used in public universities in Catalonia [ca].