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349 applications submitted so far to the first call in 2020 for pre-selection reports for the accreditation of tenure-eligible lecturers

The first call in 2020 for applications for pre-selection assessment reports for the accreditation of tenure-eligible lecturers was launched on 9 March, to which 349 applications have so far been submitted. Although this is a provisional figure, it represents around half of the applications made in the first call in 2019.

In parallel with this, on 14 April the first call for applications in 2020 was launched for the accreditation of research and advanced research, to which 69 and 30 applications respectively have so far been made.

The entire application process for both of these review procedures can be made online.

Teaching staff assessment has been affected by the suspension of administrative deadlines established by recent legislation (Royal Decree 463/2020, 14 March), whereby a state of emergency was declared to deal with the public health crisis situation due to COVID-19. Although most formalities have been suspended, in the general interests of higher education applications can still be made online until a specific date is given once the state of emergency has been lifted.

The review committees and panels are also working to carry out and appraise the reviews and evaluations, with priority being given to applications that have been able to provide all of the necessary supporting documentation.

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