September 2010

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Start of the second stage of the Experimental Monitoring Programme

The Experimental Monitoring Programme has a two-stage structure. In the first stage, the participating universities described the process being developed by them to monitor two recognised degrees (one Bachelor's and one Master's), their proposals for the structure and content of the progress report, and the relation between the monitoring process and their internal quality management systems. These documents were assessed by an ad hoc committee that, following on from their analysis, has drawn up the Guidelines and recommendations for the programme progress reports, together with the relevant assessment reports for each participating university.

In the second stage, the universities have to produce the progress reports of the participating Bachelor and Master degrees, which must include public information on the operational development of the curriculum, the indicators to be used for monitoring, the analytical assessment of how the degree programme is being run, proposals for enhancement and any modifications that may stem from these. The progress reports are to be submitted to AQU Catalunya by the universities prior to 4 October 2010.


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