January 2011

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Concerning the debate on governance and university funding in Catalonia

Joaquim Prats Cuevas - President

With the publication in the press of a statement signed by all of the vice-chancellors (rectors) of the public universities in Catalonia on governance and university funding, AQU Catalunya feels it necessary to comment briefly on this matter, given its importance and significance.

First, the debate (and issue) on governance and university funding is not new, and the fact that it has entered the realm of public opinion shows that discussions need to involve all of the stakeholders. This process will require maximum transparency and thoroughness, as well as consideration being given to the different points of view of all those involved in this issue. A democratic exercise of this sort should result in the most satisfactory model that can be achieved, and one that both enhances the positive values of the universities and minimises those that reduce their flexibility and prospects for growth.

AQU Catalunya is at the service of the universities and the Catalan government in terms of continuing to provide instruments, benchmarks and authoritative opinions regarding quality. As it has regularly done so in the past, it will also continue to welcome, within its internal framework and in particular the Board of Management, the Agency's governing body, which is made up principally of the vice-chancellors, heads of the university councils and Catalan higher education authority officers, discussion and deliberation regarding these and other issues, with the aim of consolidating enhancement strategies relating to quality.

One can but acknowledge the common sense expressed in the vice-chancellors' letter and the equitable way in which their argument is put across. The form and basis for their opinions, over and above any agreement or disagreement that may arise, has initiated a dialogue that goes far beyond the simplistic points of view that have appeared in the media.

Bearing in mind that AQU Catalunya will cooperate in close collaboration in relation to whatever it is requested to do, it is the Agency's wish that this process, in spite of the context of crisis in which it is being carried out, provides assistance in overcoming the obstacles that have been identified, and that, even though the context of crisis may have an effect on the process, it does not become a conditioning factor.

Link to 'Governança i finançament a les universitats', Associació Catalana d'Universitats Públiques (ACUP) [ca]

Link to 'Los rectores de las universidades públicas catalanas dicen basta', La Vanguardia.es [es]


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