October 2015


AQU Catalunya's position (as stated by its 3+2 Committee) regarding Royal Decree 43/2015

AQU Catalunya's 3+2 Committee has set out the Agency's position regarding Royal Decree 43/2015, which amended Royal Decree 1393/2007 and established the possibility of the reorganisation of Bachelor-level study programmes with a duration of between 180 and 240 ECTS. The possibility of opting for this system is open to most Bachelor-level programmes running today, except for those that are either regulated by other directives or confer professional status.

The Committee has established a series of proposals covering compliance and support to be provided by AQU Catalunya for undergraduate degree programmes that opt for the 3+2 system (a 3-year undergraduate programme with 180 ECTS followed by a 2-year Master's degree). The primary focus of these proposals is the required characteristics of the undergraduate programmes according to course content, the name and credit load of the programme according to the similarity of skills and competences and/or content between two or more degrees, the importance of the European diploma supplement in reinforcing the social importance of generalist degrees, and due recognition of students being admitted to undergraduate programmes with previous studies or knowledge acquired outside of the university system.

The members of the committee are as follows:

  • Josep Joan Moreso (President, AQU Catalunya)
  • Josep E. Baños (UPF)
  • Maria Lluïsa Hernanz (UAB)
  • Esther Giménez Salinas (URL)
  • Maria Pau Ginebra (UPC)
  • Gemma Rauret (UB)
  • Martí Casadesús (Director, AQU Catalunya)
  • Lluís Forcadell (President of CEUCAT), invited by AQU Catalunya 


For details of the series of nine proposals, please click here [ca].


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