July 2016


The AQU Catalunya president appears on the Notícies en Xarxa (Network News) programme

Josep Joan Moreso, president of AQU Catalunya, gave an interview on the Notícies en Xarxa (Network News) programme on the occasion of the university entrance examinations for prospective students.

Mr Moreso presented the new EUC web portal produced by AQU Catalunya in conjunction with the Government of Catalonia’s Secretariat for Universities and Research and all the universities in Catalonia, which provides information and data on the quality of all degree courses at Catalan universities. The portal offers a search engine for undergraduate/Bachelor and Master’s degree courses run at universities in Catalonia that presents information on the quality of degree programmes in a way that is easy to understand for all stakeholders, including school counsellors in secondary education, prospective students and their families.

Watch the interview with the AQU Catalunya president from 3:30 minutes onwards.


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