July 2017


Meeting of the Governing Board of AQU Catalunya

On 30 March, the Governing Board of AQU Catalunya held its first meeting of 2017.

During the session, the annual reports issued by the Research Assessment Committee and the Appeals Committee were presented. Moreover, on the context of the procedure for the accreditation of degree programmes, modifications were unveiled in relation to the planning of external site visits for 2017 and the proposed planning for 2018 was also shown. In relation to the Employers project, the document framing the involvement of Catalan universities in the second stage of the project was revealed. The meeting also gave attendees an opportunity to review the agreements made and signed with universities and other bodies in 2016 and early 2017.

The Governing Board approved the 2016 Activity Report, the year-end closing and financial report, the 2016 inventory and the audit of the financial statements. Likewise, acceptance was granted to the quality hallmarks document; the document delegating the functions of the Governing Board on the Permanent Committee, the president and the director of AQU Catalunya; and the document setting out the remuneration of experts and assessors for 2017. In addition, endorsement was given to the appointment of the new members of the Advisory Committee, of the Research Assessment Committee and of the Institutional and Programme Assessment Committee.

For further information, you can see all the documents and the resolutions adopted at this link.


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