March 2010

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  • The assessment of humanistic social knowledge
    The aim of this paper is to provide a framework and context for the process of reflexion during the AQU Workshops on research assessment procedures in the field of humanistic social knowledge. As to putting forward a catalogue of plausible evaluation criteria or sets of standards whereby consensus can be reached over the assessment of humanistic social research, the function of this framework should in any case derive from or be a conclusion of the series of papers being presented, together with the discussions that will take place in the workshops.
    Joan Manuel del Pozo Álvarez - Prodessor, Department of Filosophy, University of Girona
  • Research assessment in the Humanities and Social Sciences
    The more than three hundred participants in the Workshop were organised into workgroups (Group 1: Philosophy, History, Art, Anthropology and Geography, Group 2: Philology, Translation and Interpreting; Group 3: Education; Group 4: Economics and Business Studies, Political Science and Sociology; Group 5: Psychology; Group 6: Law; and Group 7: Library Science, Documentation and Communication), each one of which reached conclusions on how to enhance the assessment of research within their respective fields of knowledge. These conclusions can be consulted on the AQU Catalunya website. The most significant generic contributions, which were shared by the majority of the workgroups, are set out in this final document, the intention of which is to be the basis of reasoning for proposing the necessary changes regarding approaches to assessment, the assessment model and its implementation.
    AQU Catalunya

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