January 2013

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  • Programme accreditation
    The Framework for the validation (ex-ante assessment), monitoring, modification and accreditation of recognised degrees (VSMA Framework), which links together the quality assurance processes that take place throughout the life-cycle of all degree courses, was defined and developed two years ago by AQU Catalunya. With validation, monitoring and modification all successfully introduced, the final process in the VSMA Framework, namely, programme accreditation, has now entered the design and implementation stage.
    Anna Prades Nebot and Carme Edo Ros - Project managers to Quality Assessment Department
  • Graduate satisfaction survey: opportunity for enhancement of programmes
    One of the core instruments for the strategy of continuous enhancement for the universities is programme monitoring. This process is currently partially reviewed by AQU Catalunya, although in the medium term it will need to be one of each institution's regular activities, irrespective of any external evaluation, within the framework of the processes defined and implemented according to its internal quality assurance system.
    Miquel Vidal Espinar - Institutional review issues to AQU

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