January 2013

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  • Indicadors de recerca i innovació de les universitats públiques catalanes. Informe 2012
    Indicators on research and innovation at Catalan public universities. 2012 report. Report produced by the ACUP, with an intended continuity, that analyses different aspects of research and innovation in the Catalan system of higher education, the purpose of which is to serve as a testimony of the universities' engagement in Catalonia.
  • La universidad pública española: Retos y prioridades en el marco de la crisis del primer decenio del siglo XXI
    Public and state-run universities in Spain: challenges and priorities within the context of the crisis, a decade into the 21st century. Publication by Dr. Francesc Xavier Grau, rector of the Rovira i Virgili University and president of the Catalan Association of Public Universities until January 2013, who, in addition to presenting an analysis of the current situation, sets out the challenges facing the universities and puts forward proposals for priority actions to overcome them.
  • Universidad, universitarios y productividad en España
    Universities, graduates and productivity in Spain. A study funded by the Fundación BBVA and produced by Dr. Francisco Pérez and Dr. Lorenzo Serrano, director of research and researcher, respectively, at the Valencia Institute for Economic Research (Instituto Valenciano de Investigaciones Económicas), that assesses the results of teaching and research in Spanish universities, the transformations that they have undergone and the challenges they are facing.

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