January 2013

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AQU Catalunya to advise and provide technical support to Unibasq in the implementation of its internal quality assurance system

The Catalan and Basque university quality assurance agencies have extended their framework cooperation agreement concerning the setting up of mechanisms for cooperation and the exchange of experiences in the fields of quality assurance, certification and accreditation, signed on 23 June 2011. As a consequence, AQU Catalunya will provide technical support and advice to Unibasq during 2013 in its implementation of an internal quality assurance system and its adaptation to European standards (ESG).

Ampliació del conveni de col·laboració entre AQU i Unibasq

Unibasq director, Juan Andrés Legarreta, and the director Josep A. Ferré,
signed the extension to the of AQU, cooperation agreement on 15/12/12.



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