July 2013

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  • Towards a model for the quality assurance and enhancement of higher education specific to Catalonia?
    Despite the difficulty of making predictions about the future within the scope of quality assurance and enhancement in higher education, three possible undercurrents at European scale are emerging: the first is a move in the direction of a greater European dimension in quality assurance systems; the second undercurrent may lead to a drastic reduction in the intensity of quality assurance; and third involves the proposal to transform national QA agencies into places of encounter for academic communities and stakeholders with an interest in the quality of higher education.
    Josep Grifoll Saurí - Head of Quality Assessment department
  • Conclusions from the workshop "Reaccreditation of the teaching assessment handbooks used by public universities in Catalonia"
    More than 80 people, including vice-rectors, academics, students and technical staff from the universities and the Agency came together at the headquarters of AQU Catalunya on 16 April to appraise the teaching assessment programme in Catalan universities and discuss the challenges facing the programme.
    Editorial board - AQU Cataluny

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