July 2013

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  • What is the purpose of the satisfaction survey of graduates in Catalonia?
    Within the context of the activities aimed at quality enhancement in the universities and, more particularly, programme monitoring, the compiling of information on students' thoughts and perceptions about their studies just at the point when they are graduating is a key element of great relevance in that it provides their personal point of view regarding their degree programmes as a whole, which is without doubt fundamental for enabling improvements to be made to study programmes.

    In this regard, this article reports on one of the projects that, coordinated through AQU Catalunya, is being carried out by Catalan universities, namely, the design of the graduate satisfaction survey, coinciding with the first cohort of graduates from EHEA-compliant Bachelor programmes.
    Dolors Baena Tostado and Jordi Casanova Maturana - Agency for Policy and Quality, University of Barcelona

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